# Question Answer & solutions
1. The computer does not turn on Please check the followings:
a. Power cord connect to power and computer properly
b. Power adapter light is illuminate
c. Power switch is turn on
d. The front light is on
2. Keyboard and mouse does not work a. Batteries out of run
b. Mouse / Keyboard switches off
c. Adapter does not connect properly
d. Use mouse on flat and light color surface
3. Lag while loading windows Try to reboot first.
Reinstall operation system if still lag after reboot.
4. Safe mode menu while loading windows a. Enter normal mode first, and reboot computer
b. If still show safe mode after reboot computer, enter safe mode and find out the problem.
5. Internet connection not available Please check the followings:
a. Ensure the network cable is connected properly (or)
b. Wi-fi connected with correct encryption passcode and connection type (passcode might necessary)
c. Internet connection setting of operation system
6. Speaker does not work Please check the followings:
a. Setting of the audio setting of operation
b. Ensure the sound output is not mute
c. Please ensure driver of audio encoder is installed properly.
7. Image cannot display on screen Windows may operates at sleep mode, please press any key of keyboard or mouse and wait about 15 seconds.
8. Optical tray cannot eject Insert a pin into the ejection hole next to the open button
9. Webcam does not work Please check "Device manager" to check the availability of the driver.
If not available, please reinstall the webcam driver from the installation disc.
If available, please check the video software setting, or reinstall the driver.
10. How to reinstall the operation system Insert operation system disc into optical drive and follow the instruction guide of the screen.
If the disc cannot run automatically, please reboot and enter BIOS to set up the boot up priority.
11. How to get screen auto-adjust? Press the once to get screen auto adjust in screen size and brightness.
12. How to adjust the brightness? Press the once to enable the brightness control, and then press / to darken and brighten the secreen.
13. How to enable webcam photo shooting function? For Windows 7 users, please install third party webcam capture software.
14. How to select the booting device? Press F12 when posting screen displays.
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