Easily meet everyone around world

Share and capture interesting moments around anytime with 2M pixel forward facing camera and video conferencing software.

Unlimited fun with Android 2.3 and high performance computing

mini tablet 7 comes with Android 2.3, provides diversified entertainments, you can enjoy mobile shopping, gaming, video streaming, communication and productivities etc. Thanks to 1GHz A8 processor and 512MB cache memory, every applications runs smooth with improved multi-tasking supports.

Watch HD movie anywhere

A HD video decoder is built inside mini tablet 7, that means HD video available anywhere, no longer limited watch movies with computers and TVs. It supports traditional and high definition video format in both 16:9 and 4:3 ratio, so there is no need to convert the file before transferring videos.

Multi touch enrich your mobile life

Do everything with your fingers! Multi touch makes everything becomes easy, reading books, web browsing, gaming, swiping photos etc, just instantly transforms your actions into the executable instructions to mini tablet 7.

Powerful connectivity

mini tablet 7 supports Wi-Fi in IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, connect to the Internet anywhere, such as restaurants, cafes, shopping mall, urban areas, public transportations and anywhere. A Built-in Bluetooth adaptor provide connectivity to Bluetooth enables peripheral devices, such as headset, mobile phones, computers, speakers etc, transfer data via air in high speed.

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